A true business is one that can replace:
⭐ dream with a plan ⭐ dead end with opportunity ⭐ failures with success.
ETS Premium will change your way of thinking.
To change the buisness game by providing users with plug n play services that uses innovative engineering process and technology arts to meet their exact desires.
To create and deliver the best products and services in technology that turns new experience into adventure and changes life challanges into simple and enjoyable modern life.
To deliver our products with high quality and our services with best performance to save our customers' time and costs.we are a committed towards our deliveries and customers.


ETS Premium is a Canadian leading company in engineering
and realization of telecom networks and technology services.


ETS Premium - Telecom can deliver innovative solutions for the different segments of telecommunication; by providing turn-key project's solution for wireline or wireless networks, satellite networks and telecom infrastructure for both private and governemenntal sectors.

Our Solution and Services:

1- RF Planning and optimization.
2- Wireless network.
3- Turn Key network deployment.
4- Satelite Network.
5- Fiber optic Network.
6- Data Center.



ETS Premium - Voice always works on the future needs for our customer by introducing new models for business enhancements and quality improvements. ETS Premium - Voice, as a service provider, is striving to maximize profitability to our customer in the existing challenging market, and it seizures the upcoming challenges of industry into opportunities for evolution and market stability.

Our key services:

1- Premium and Direct Routes.
2- wide connectivity.
3- High quality of services.
4- Revenue Assurance.
5- Optimize Price.
6- All Type of routes (CLI, TDM,NCLI).



ETS Premium - Smart designed to implement innovative concepts and develop IOT technologies for smart solutions. We are one of the industry leaders in smart accessibility and in building products & services, that are safer, easier and eco green . We provide all types of smart solutions and security systems for global markets and different sectors, international and national.

Our Solution and Services:

1- Home Automation & Security.
2- Smart water, Electric & Gas metering Solution.
3- Smart Monitoring Supervisions for telecom operators.
4- Smart Lithium Batteries.
5- Smart Building.
6- IOT Solutions.


Value Added Services

ETS Premium - VAS has no fear of any opportunity or innovation. We deliver strong market maneuvering and a deep understanding context and dynamics at play - and this is our main Value. Our services are designed to implement innovative concepts and develop best of technology arts for VAS services and solutions. We are experts in this industry and professionals in building products & services that are safe, easy and simulate user expectations. We provide many value added services that help telecom operators growing their revenue.

Our Solution and Services:

1- Enriching operators’ portfolios with targeted, engaging and rewarding campaigns and other VAS services.
2- Enhancing operators’ revenue and distribution via risk managed and convenient airtime lending.



ETS Premium - Software is a full digital service that helps brands to connect with their audience. our success comes from the cooperation and strong communication between customers and team. We are geeks who connect people to brands using content and technology. Creativity is our methodolgy of providing smart designs and smart user experiences by linking technology, marketing and insights to drive brands towards their target and results.

Our Software and Apps:

1- Web Site Design.c 2- E-commerce Platform.
3- Cloud Services.
4- Mobile App.
5- Cyber Security.



ETS Premium - consultant is a management consultancy services. We work with companies to help them moving with a firm steps. We work with managment to convert their plan into actions and deliver a desire success.We go with our customers step by step and support them in most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, information technology, digital transformation and strategy, advanced analytics, business plan and corporate finance.

Our offered services:

1- New Business plan.
2- Market Study and Strategic planning.
3- opperation efficiency and Process Improvement.
4- HR and Project managemend.
5- Technical and Management Training.
6- Company Startup and Global expansion.


Why Us

ETS Premium team offers more then 25 years of experience in technology services and products. Our engineers, designers, programmers, analysts and developpers come from different backgrounds and places to bring a wide diversity and a professionel prespectives for everything we do and deliver. Our team created many sucessfull stories and we still have the same spirit to write again a new sucessfull story.